If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from us at loyalvalley labradors, please feel free to email or call about available puppies-(not much service on my mobile). I will help you as much as i can to decide on your newest family member. 

We have puppies available throughout the year.

If you would like to be put on a waiting list, I will contact you to let you know when the puppies have arrived and whether or not we can offer you the puppy of your choice and to organize viewing of mum and babies.

l canot guarantee that there will be a puppy of your choice as i can not guarantee what colour, sex or number of puppies that will be born for each litter, however if you miss out on a puppy of your choice from the litter - i will offer you a second choice from the litter or i will put you on the next waiting list if you choose too.

I update photos as often as i can of new puppies as they grow.

I can organize delivery of puppies, so please contact me if you would like a delivery quote

All of our registered puppies' parents have been screened for hereditary diseases. However, there is no guarantee that some of these diseases will not affect the puppy due to external factors such as inappropriate diet, exercise and environment.
                              Your puppy will be assessed by my vet prior to sale and certified to be in excellent heath-

The breeder will not be held accountable for any accident or injury incurred once the puppy leaves the breeder's care.This includes failed to follow our written advice on diet and feeding your puppy, exercise restrictions &/or weight guidelines

The breeder will not be responsible for any veterinary or other costs incurred by the purchaser once the puppy leaves my care.




Contact Details

J short-0403235261