Gorgeous babies have arrived

DAISY/GUCCI babies have arrrived

DOB 12th February 

This is Daisy 2nd litter and she whelped 9 gorgeous babies 

This is a very exciting moment when she whelped 3 black,3 yellow and 3 chocolate babies-

first time ever we have had a rainbow litter with all 3 colours 

puppies are going excellent with Daisy looking after them perfectly 

Daisy  doesn't like leaving them for long and if she does leave she is continually looking back at her babies making sure no-one is going into take them 😃 

puppies will be ready to leave our care when they are 8 weeks old on 9th April 

(The white spots on the puppies is just liquid paper so I can identify each puppy and 

keep an eye on there weight )


Contact Details

J short-0403235261